Ceiling Chic: 6 Decorative Ceiling Panel Ideas

Decorative ceiling panels offer a way to bring additional decorative elements into a space while also helping to control noise and create a cohesive design. The design options with MetalSpaces decorative metal ceiling panels are nearly endless. Laser cut panels come in a wide range of primary, organic, and geometric patterns that enhance the aesthetics of the space, but they don’t stop there. Decorative metal ceiling panels are available in aluminum, stainless steel, and steel with the option to powder coat the aluminum and steel.

Ceiling panels are a welcome design addition in many applications including offices, restaurants, entertainment venues, government buildings, and other commercial buildings. Taking the opportunity to use the often ignored ceiling as an intentional element can take a design to the next level.

These 6 decorative ceiling panel design ideas show how versatile and aesthetically pleasing ceiling panels can be:

1. Integrate with Other Elements

Integrated Decorative Ceiling Panels

The laser cut opening in the MetalSpaces panel systems create the opportunity to integrate other design elements with the panels. Hanging a light fixture through the decorative metal ceiling panels adds an interesting design touch and places the lighting where it’s most effective.

2. Use with Other MetalSpaces Systems

MetalSpaces Systems and Decorative Ceiling Panels
Suspended Decorative Ceiling Panel

Our hook and cable systems allow you to create decorative drop ceiling panels by suspending them from the ceiling. This installation helps to control noise and create a more intimate atmosphere in areas with high ceilings.

4. Cover Large Areas

Cover Large Areas

Our panels can be placed next to each other to fit the space provided, so you can easily cover a large area with a seamless design. It can create cohesion throughout a large space that could otherwise seem disjointed.

5. Choose From a Wide Range of Patterns

Our MetalSpaces line has many beautiful patterns to choose from, including sophisticated grids, minimal circles, natural leaves, flowing waves, geometric cubes, and vibrant starbursts. Laser cut precision ensures that the pattern will be crisp and clean to create a dynamic space.

6. Take Advantage of Powder Coated Options

Powder Coated Decorative Ceiling Panels

Powder coating the decorative ceiling boards can take the design to a whole new level. Whether you need bright yellow, vibrant green, soothing blue, stark white, or brooding black, powder coated panels can enhance the space’s design while showing off the laser cut pattern.

Choose Decorative Metal Ceiling Panels From VIVA Railings

Our laser cut metal ceiling systems are a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for architectural spaces looking for an enhanced design and functional benefits.

Three installation methods — hook and cable, tee, and cable systems — offer design flexibility that is taken even further when you consider the material options — stainless steel, aluminum, and steel — as well as the array of pattern and powder coated color options.

Contact the experts at VIVA today to discuss incorporating decorative ceiling panels into your design!