8 Ceiling Tile Alternatives

Ceiling tiles are an integral part of commercial ceiling design that are used for unfinished ceilings as a way to conceal beams and electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

Ceiling tiles also help to control noise in commercial spaces and add an element that can enhance the aesthetics of the space. However, traditional ceiling tiles aren’t necessarily the best fit for all commercial interiors, which is why VIVA offers a number of alternatives to ceiling tiles.

Our MetalSpaces line of laser-cut metal panels can be installed on the ceiling and used to control noise, conceal the ceiling, and define spaces. These architectural panels can also be combined to form a practical solution for architectural spaces.

Here are eight ways to integrate ceiling tiles alternatives into a commercial interior design:

1. Define Spaces

To define spaces, our architectural panels can act as an alternative to ceiling tiles. If there are areas where conversations or collaborations will take place, installing our architectural metal panels above the space will not only help to control noise from discussions, it can also define the space and make it clear where different areas are.

2. Create Cohesion in Large Spaces

Our architectural ceiling panels can span large spaces with no interruption to make the space seem more cohesive. The low-maintenance flexibility of these panels means that they can be installed quickly and won’t require upkeep, which is especially important in large spaces.

3. Use Ceiling Tile Alternatives on the Wall

Not only can our ceiling tile alternatives be installed on the ceiling, they can also be installed on the walls to further control noise and enhance the space’s design. Metal wall panels can act as a decorative element that can also define the space, and they can also double as a noise control solution. In applications where privacy is needed, but the space still needs to feel open, ceiling tile alternatives can act as wall screens to maintain privacy without completely closing in the space

4. Suspend the Tiles from the Ceiling

Our ceiling tile alternatives can be installed close to the ceiling or suspended from it to create more intimate spaces and enhance the design. Lowering these highly versatile panels from the ceiling can also help with acoustic control to make the environment more comfortable and easier to communicate in. It can also make integrated lighting more functional as it will illuminate the space below the panels more directly.

5. Integrate Lighting

To create a truly unique lighting installation, lighting can be integrated into our metal panel ceiling tile alternatives to enhance the space’s lighting. Pendant lighting can also be threaded through the perforations to allow for lighting installation anywhere it’s needed most.

6. Personalize the Design with Color

Our MetalSpaces panels are available in a wide range of color choices and come with the option of choosing a custom color to perfectly enhance the design of the space. Our Standard Color selection includes varying shades of silver, white, and brown with additional options of Redwood, Charcoal Grey, and Dusty Gray, among others. We also offer Primary Colors for a bold statement, and our Metallic Colors can add sheen and a high-end aesthetic to the ceiling tile alternatives.

7. Choose from a Variety of Patterns

VIVA’s architectural panel ceiling tile alternatives are available in an extensive selection of patterns. Our Primary Patterns include circles, squares, hexagons, parallelograms, and more designed in a way to create a sense of movement and excitement in the space. Our Geometric Patterns create the illusion of dimensionality, and our Organic Patterns mimic leaves, waves, and branches to act as a grounding element in the space. Other designs include vibrant starbursts and traditional shapes that evoke a sense of timeless sensibility.

8. Use the Best Material

Our ceiling tile alternatives are available in stainless steel, aluminum, and steel, so you can choose the right material for your application and environment. Aluminum panels are available in a powder coat and PVDF finish, stainless steel panels feature a brushed satin finish, and steel is available in powder coat, weathered, and mill finishes.

VIVA Ceiling Tile Alternatives Will Complete Your Design

As an alternative to traditional ceiling tiles, VIVA ceiling tile alternatives will complete your design perfectly. Options include a variety of precisely cut perforations, a stunning array of colors to choose from, and your choice of material that will allow you to create the perfect ceiling to enhance the space’s aesthetic and aid in noise reduction. If you’re unable to find standard designs and colors that fit your needs, our team will work with you to create a custom solution that fits your design needs perfectly.

Contact the experts at VIVA today to discuss your design goals with our in-house team of designers, engineers, and fabricators!