SABRE™ Railing Systems

SABRE stainless steel decorative railings is the newest addition to our line-up of Glass Railing systems. It is a structural glass railing system with a unique Sabre Tooth shaped post, available with either a side mounted rail or a top cap. 

Tempered glass railing or Laminated glass railing takes a different dimension with the new SABRE system. This glass system is available in Fascia mount only. This modular railing system is designed to have single rail that performs as a handrail at stair and a guardrail at level runs.

SABRE is a great choice for commercial railing projects such as Institutional, Office and Hospitality. Bow shaped post lends to a very modern looking railing system add that splash of “Wow” to your project.

VIVA iRail is a LED lighted rail, available in warm and pure white and in medium or high intensity. This is a available option with the SABRE system. VIVA use high performance LED modules that are IP67 waterproof and dustproof rated.

SABRE stainless steel decorative railings glass railing system is available in a wide choice of glass options from clear tempered glass, SentryGlas®Plus interlayer (SGP) laminated glass, acid etched glass, printed and art glass.

  • SS SABRE Posts @ 5’ o.c. max.

  • Height – 42” or Custom

  • Top Cap – 1” Light U-Cap (non-structural); 1.66 Ø SS Cap Rail; 1.5” Heavy U-Cap; 1.66 Ø LED iRail

  • Assist Rail – 1 1/2″ Ø SS Rail; 2” Ø Wood Rail; 1 1/2″ Ø LED iRail

  • Wall Rail – 1 1/2″ Ø SS Rail; 2” Ø Wood Rail; 1 1/2″ Ø LED iRail

Finishing Options
  • Stainless Steel – #6 Brushed Satin in SS-304 or SS-316 alloy
  • Powder CoatPosts Only – 15 different shades available
  • PVD Coating in SS-304 and SS316 alloy (posts only)6 shades available

  • Wood (unstained) – Red Oak, Cherry & Maple (other species avail on request)

  • iRail – (LED illuminated Rail – 1½” Ø LED iRail available in Pure White & Warm White

Infill Options Available

  • Tempered Glass

Mounting Options Available

  • Fascia


 Clear Monolithic

clear-laminated-glass-viva-infillClear Laminated (SGP)

Bent Monolithic


Ceramic Frit

Patterned Ceramic Frit

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