CIRCA™ Glass Railing System

CIRCA™ Stainless Steel Railing System is comprised of round tubular post, a simple yet highly desired look. This system allows for a wide choice of in-fill options of Glass, Metal Panels, Cable, Multi-line & Pickets. Railing in-fill between the posts is mounted via fixed point holders for mounting of glass or any other in-fill of your choice.

CIRCA™ Infill Options Available

  • SS CIRCA Posts @ 5’ o.c. max.
  • SS CIRCA Posts @ 4’ o.c. max. for cable and multiline infill.

  • Height – 42” or Custom

  • Top Rail – 1 1/2″ Ø or 2” Ø  SS Rail; 2” Ø Wood Rail; 1 1/2″ Ø LED iRail

  • Assist Rail – 1 1/2″ Ø SS Rail; 2” Ø Wood Rail; 1 1/2″ Ø LED iRail

  • Wall Rail – 1 1/2″ Ø SS Rail; 2” Ø Wood Rail; 1 1/2″ Ø LED iRail

Finishing Options
  • Stainless Steel – #6 Brushed Satin in SS-304 or SS-316 alloy
  • Powder CoatPosts Only – 15 different shades available
  • ECM in SS-304 and SS316 alloy (posts only)5 shades available

  • Wood (unstained) – Red Oak, Cherry & Maple (other species avail on request)

  • iRail – (LED illuminated Rail – 1½” Ø LED iRail available in Pure White & Warm White

  • In-fill Options –
    • Tempered Glass
    • Perforated Metal Panels
    • Wire Mesh Panels
    • Vertical Picket Panels
    • Horizontal Multiline
    • 3/16″ Cable
  • Mounting Options Available 
    • Top
    • Fascia
    • Core

This design is available in following optionsGlass Railing, Cable Railing, Perforated Metal Panel Railing, Woven Wire Mesh Railing, Vertical Picket Railing and Horizontal Rod Multiline Railing systems. Round top rail and handrail are best matched with the round balustrade post design. Standard guardrail height is 42” or available in any custom height, engineered based on your project needs. Handrail is the secondary rail as applicable in Stair railing application, available in wood or stainless steel.

LED illuminated railing is a available option for either the Handrail or Guardrail, this lighted rail is available in a further choice of medium or high intensity LED and warm or cool white.
CIRCA cable railing has been a choice for architects and design professionals for applications like gymnasium railing, ramp guardrail, parking garage railing, ada railing and deck railing. Also sometimes called as wire rope railing, this a great choice when a clear line of sight is a priority.

CIRCA stainless steel glass railing system is a classic design and has been used on wide range of projects, from retro to art deco and classic to contemporary.
Newest addition to the choice of infill for the CIRCA line has been the vertical picket panel railings. This has been ideal choice for designers where climb-ability is a concern, widely used for architectural railing applications for educational and public use guardrails.

Framed Perforated Metal Panels – Typical Framing Application

Framed Wire Mesh Panels – Typical Framing Application

3/16” Ø SS CABLE @ 3¼” o.c.


Vertical Picket Panels


½” Ø Horz Multiline @ 4” o.c.


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