The Learning Stair – A New Trend Among Architects

Imagine an additional stairwell that blends seamlessly with the architecture, a great place for students to study and converse. An engaging atmosphere to promote learning and keep students focused and distraction free. Contractors and Architects have more frequently begun to install what is known as The Learning Stair. It is usually designed next to or near the main stairwell and has a bench like structure with cushions, pillows, bookshelves and small storage areas for students to study and collaborate with classmates.

The K-8 Stem Academy features a Learning Stairwell. We were asked to install the SOLO™ Glass Railing System next to the Learning Stairs. The beautiful wood structure features a small stair in the center and longer bench-like seating on either side. The Learning Stair makes it much easier for students to work together in groups and stay organized while working on a project or writing a paper.

Lee Elementary also features the Learning Stair along with our VISIO™ Glass Line. Similar to the K-8 Stem Academy, it’s a small wooden bench like structure, blended in with the open library area near the entrance of the school and a small free standing rail on the right.

VIVA Railings can fully customize our railing system to match your Learning Stair design and architecture. From a wood top rail, hand rail or even powder coating the rails to match the details, VIVA Railings can bring your next project to life.