User Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information secure?

Yes. Your information can only be seen by website administrators and no one else.

Can other registered users see my information?

No. No one else has access to any other user profiles or their online status. Only website admins are able to see who is registered.

Can I bookmark this page?

Absolutely! We recommend it. As long as you save your password and login info on your browser, you will have access. You can now favorite projects, data and other information.

Can I share my information with someone?

No. Your login information is exclusive to you and you only.

I lost my username and/or password what do I do?

Feel free to email us and we will send you your information. Alternatively, you can use the reset password page for instant access. We would recommend resetting your password after you get your login information.

How often do I need to log in?

Every time you need files. The website will have a logout timer just like other secure websites. If you forget to log out, the website will do it automatically.

Do you still have all the files in one place?

We do! Registered users are able to view the CAD files and BIM models on one page just like before. New user? Register for Access.