VIVA Railings Brand Identity Guidelines

Welcome to the VIVA Railings brand guidelines. Our logo is a symbol of quality, innovation, and safety in the railing industry and is a registered trademark of VIVA Railings, LLC. This page outlines how to use and implement our brand identity correctly and consistently.

Logo Integrity - Trademark Protection

The VIVA Railings logo and name are registered trademarks and are strictly prohibited from being altered. We have provided a suite of approved logo variations within this document to cover a range of applications.

Usage Requirements

For any form of communication, whether it be print, digital, or electronic, that is disseminated by or receives endorsement from VIVA Railings, LLC, it is mandatory to feature an approved version of the logo prominently.

Download Resources

To ensure brand consistency, all variations of the VIVA Railings logo are made available for download. Please utilize these resources to maintain visual integrity in all communications.

Maintaining Brand Consistency

The use of stylized, animated, hand-drawn, or any unofficial versions of the logo is strictly forbidden. Such practices dilute the strength of our brand identity and compromise the consistency we strive for.

Implementing the VIVA Railings Brand

Primary Display

The optimal presentation of our logo is in full color set against a white backdrop. This is the primary preferred usage for maximum impact and clarity.

Alternate Versions

In instances where the background is light, we recommend using the logo in 30% black or in 100% black when necessary. It's crucial that legibility remains a top priority in every application.

Dark Backgrounds

For darker backgrounds, the logo should be reversed out to white to ensure it stands out clearly and is easily recognizable.

Logo Variations

Alternate Acceptable Versions

We offer alternative versions of the logo, including options with or without the tagline, as well as the circular VIVA identity as an independent logo mark. These versions are acceptable and provided for specific use cases as demonstrated.

Logo and Element Spacing

Precise Lockup

The layout of the logo and its accompanying elements has been carefully designed, considering the spacing between each component. This spacing is crucial and must not be modified.

Official Color Palette

Brand Colors

VIVA Railings proudly wears its colors: Orange, Black, and Grey. These hues have become synonymous with our brand and should dominate the color palette for all VIVA Railings' visual presentations, both internally and externally.

Logo Downloads

Accessing Logo Files

To maintain the integrity of our brand, please use the official files for all your communication needs.

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