Yum! Brands Pizza Hut Headquarters

General Contractor: Rogers O'Brien Construction | Architect: Callison


SHOE™ Aluminum Glazed Railing System (Patented) is a structural glass railing system, comprised of a base shoe and an all-glass structure giving you the clearest view.  The system is a DrySet (Patented) mount, reducing installation costs by more than 50%, eliminating mess caused by cement or grouted systems.  Maintenance costs are also reduced significantly due to the ease of replacement of glass panels or any reconfiguration.

SHOE™ Aluminum Glazed Railing System is a great choice for commercial interior or exterior, balcony railing or stair railing applications. This architectural railing solution provides fall protection barrier without obstruction to view or an unsightly barrier.


SHOE™ Aluminum Glazed Railing System can be either top or fascia mounted. It is available with a glass bracket mounted handrail, round top cap or a U-channel top cap. Base shoe is available in stainless steel or an anodized aluminum cladding.

VIVA Railings patented DrySet system reduces the stair railing installation time by almost 50%, hence a reduced final cost to the customer.



Callison has a multitude of construction opportunities in the services and market field.   Asking bold questions that others are afraid to and making even the biggest jobs seem not so overwhelming is something that Callsion specializes in.  They believe any environment should be an experience, not just an errand a person dreads.

Rogers-O’ Brien Construction focuses on the family as well as the project at hand. Without building respect and trust with the employees as well as their families, RO believes a project cannot be successful.  To this day, this holds true for three generations actively being a part of operations.  Supporting families, the community, and industry is just a part of the core values at Rogers-O’ Brien.

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