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wire rope railings tee


TEE™ Wire Rope Railing is a contemporary minimalistic design for a wire rope cable railings application. The structural “T” section offers the post stability against the tension from cable strands while concealing cable mounting hardware. Stainless steel cable in-fill is available in 3/16” diameter cables.

TEE wire rope railings are available in top and fascia mount, these are widely used in deck railing and balcony railing application, where a clear line of sight along with safety is a priority.

This project features hard corners using our multiline infill option.  Combining both our cable and multiline infill creates a stunning look that is perfect for your next project.



From branding to signage, HDR Architects provides total solutions for all your design needs.  Founded over a century ago, the work ethic and commitment by H.H. Henningson, the H in HDR, quickly brought more clients, employees, and opportunities.  Within 3 decades. an engineer named Willard Richardson joined the crew.  Only a decade later,  Chuck Durham was welcomed to the team and the firm quickly grew to change several offices to host a greater number of employees in less than 20 years.  Today, over 225 offices span across the United States with over 10,000 employees.



Balfour Beatty Contractors purpose is to be a relentless collaborator for each and every job that they have been delegated to build. They strive to exceed the expectations of their clients and with their out of the box thinking, invent new ideas for client’s work. They become long term advisors even after the job is finished and has led to an over 80% customer repeat rate over the last five years.

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