Odessa College of Math and Science



VIEW™ is a Button Structural Glass Balustrade Railing giving you the clearest view on the other side. This system is comprised of 1/2” (minimum) SGP laminated glass or 5/8″ PVB laminated glass and fascia mounted fixed point holders in stainless steel.

VIEW glass railing system is one of the best sellers, adorning guardrail and stair railing applications for various prestigious projects around the country. VIEW button balustrade glass railing provides a refreshing modern look to any project. The railing design is such that it is more of a complement to the building design rather than an eyesore barrier.


Odessa College of Math and Science prepares students for a career in mathematics, teaching or further study in a transfer program. Featuring CRLA trained tutors, Odessa college offers additional assistance for students that may need it. JSA Architects and Lee Lewis Construction teamed up with VIVA Railings and the VIEW™ railing system to bring this project to life.


VIVA uses adjustable stand-off sometimes also referred to as buttons, this comes in very handy when the steel or concrete structure is not level or plumb. From a structural standpoint, glass is acting as a balustrade or a load bearing member. This system meets all IBC code requirements and can be used with a single line free standing railing (see VIVA FSR railing systemsystem to meet ADA code. The VIVA iRAIL illuminated LED rail is a great add-on application for a sleek, modern look. 



Since 1976 Lee Lewis Construction has kept the same philosophy, “The relationship we build with that owner for a job well done is our single most important goal.” Lewis Construction has been rated A+ by BBB and has won numerous awards from Contractor of the Year to several Awards of Merit by Sports/Entertainment.

JSA Architects designs everything from educational institutions to master planning new buildings within the health care field.  For well over a decade, JSA has been the leader in the architecture design in the West Texas area and with Jay Bradford as the new President of the company, JSA will be for many years to come.

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