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TEE™ Solid Steel Multiline Railings is a contemporary minimalistic design for a cable and multiline railing application. The structural “T” section offers the post stability against the tension from cable strands while concealing cable mounting hardware.  Stainless steel cable in-fill is available in 3/16” diameter cables.

Our brand new multi-line option with 1/2″ stainless steel rods are featured at Odessa Math and Science Center. TEE stainless steel cable railing system is available in top and fascia mount. Also sometimes referred to as wire rope railings, these are widely used in deck railing and balcony railing application, where the clear line of sight along with safety is a priority.


Multiline deck railings along with glass railings have been a choice of architects for stair railing and guardrail applications for building a design from modern to rustic or from coastal to the hill country. It offers a great blend of contemporary railing look similar to cable but as a solid steel rod.

TEE cable railing comes with an available option of LED illuminated handrail or top rail, in warm or pure white. VIVA iRail LED railing system is IP67 rated conforming to outdoor application requirement and available in medium or high intensity.

This architectural railing is a widely used in ADA ramp railing, stadium railings and parking garage railing applications.

TEE modular railings system are categorized under CSI specification section 057300 – Handrails and Railings or more specifically 057330 – Wire rope & cable railings.


Odessa College of Math and Science prepares students for a career in mathematics, teaching or further study in a transfer program. Featuring CRLA trained tutors, Odessa college offers additional assistance for students that may need it.


SHW Group has recently merged with Stantec Corporation, which united over 10,000 employees to bring even more creativity and dedication to its clients. Stantec’s dedication to the community brings out a more livable, resilient environment that everyone is proud to be a part of.

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