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post glass railing system


Straight, simple, singular.  A minimalistic design combined with an economical price tag – it offers the least visual obstruction for any post-mounted system. Available in a variety of modified options to suit atriums, floating staircases, and cantilevered balconies, it truly adds value to that disappearing horizon design.   SOLO™ ornamental stainless steel glass railings system is for those looking for a discreet railing system that will keep the view unobstructed and yet maintain clean lines that complement the main design.


The ornamental stainless steel glass railing system is ideal for utilization in balcony balustrades (as illustrated in the Toyota U.S. Headquarters stainless steel railings), commercial building atriums, and monumental stair railings. The variety of mounting options available (top, fascia, or core mount) means that whatever the demands of your design, VIVA will be able to provide the right solution.


Between the beautiful constructs of the SOLO™ system and the fact that VIVA completes extensive performance testing and structural calculations to ensure all safety regulations are met, there is simply no better choice for your exquisite, sweeping edifice.



Founded in 1937 by Ottom Baum, Core Construction has expanded to over 1,200 employees with expertise in over a dozen markets from commercial to senior living.

Since its founding in 2005, 5G Studio has collaborated over $6 billion in building construction value and completed over 1,000 projects around the globe in just a little over a decade.  Projects range from entertainment to full-service architecture and interior design.



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