PGA Headquarters

The exterior stairs and terrace areas of the PGA HQ feature our CUBE™ Railing System with Cable infill and a rectangular top rail. The posts are finished with black ECM coating. This exterior railing system also integrates a toe kick or toeboard for additional safety.

 Our Free Standing Rails (FSR) and posts are both available in 1.5” diameter stainless steel in SS304 and SS316 alloys. FSR posts can be core mounted, top flange mounted, welded to steel or welded to concrete embed.  The PGA Headquarters features a combination of unfinished maple wood and black ECM finish posts for its free-standing rails.



Adolfson & Peterson Construction is a family-owned company with a “mission to build trust as one of the top general contractors in the United States.”  Their vast portfolio consists of everything from education to recreation.

“Cultivating new generations of leadership” and revamping the company into a fresh new look has been what makes Page Southerland Page such a successful company.



PGA Headquarters in Frisco, TX houses over 100,000 sq. ft. of offices, outdoor walking trails and an education facility.  The massive campus also features a full golf course and a 500-room hotel.