Boston University Student Center

viva-railings-boston-university-fin-glass-railings BOSTON UNIVERSITY FIN WOOD GLASS SOLO CURVED GLASS (6 of 15)

FIN™ Oak Wood Balustrade Railing System is an elegant balustrade, a combination of stainless steel and wood posts ideal for interior railing applications, creating a unique industrial look of stainless steel and the warmth of wood. Select from a choice of wood stains of Red Oak, Cherry or Maple; to create just the right look for your project. The slender oak wood and steel post profile provide minimal obstruction to the line of sight.

The wood used in FIN oak wood balustrade railing system is available in optional FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood.

VIVA iRail – LED illuminated railing is an available option with the FIN railing system, lighted rail can be either the top rail or handrail. The Boston University Student Services Center used over 650 linear ft. of our FIN™ Oak Wood Balustrade and SOLO™ All Glass railings system for various interior stair railing applications.

Boston University went with the Maple finish wood railing, to match the wood trim throughout the interior. However, our customers can also choose wood stains of Red Oak and Cherry.  This project is exemplary of the elegance achieved by a glass railing system; however, FIN can accommodate a variety of wire mesh or perforated metal-framed panels as infill options for this stainless steel and wood railing system. These options give our clients the freedom to create just the right look for each unique project and application.


For these railings, Bruner Cott & Associates specified our stainless steel and maple wood Fin system, fascia mounted complete with tempered glass infill and a 2’ maple wood top rail. Our favorite application was in the circular balconies on the 2nd and 6th floors which opened up to the floor below, creating a spacious and connected feel to the building.  The slender post profile provides minimal obstruction to the line of sight and compliments the interior building design.

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