Farrah Khan Residence, Mumbai



SHOE™ Modular Glass Railing System (Patented) is a structural aluminum glass balcony railing system, comprised of a base shoe and an all-glass structure giving you the clearest view.  The system is a DrySet (Patented) mount, reducing installation costs by more than 50%, eliminating mess caused by cement or grouted systems.  Maintenance costs are also reduced significantly due to the ease of replacement of glass panels or any reconfiguration.

SHOE™ Aluminum Glass Balcony Railing is a great choice for commercial interior or exterior, balcony railing or stair railing applications. This architectural railing solution provides fall protection barrier without obstruction to view or an unsightly barrier.

SHOE™ Aluminum Glass Balcony Railing can be either top or fascia mounted. It is available with a glass bracket mounted handrail, round top cap or a U-channel top cap. 

VIVA Railings patented DrySet system reduces the installation time by almost 50%, hence a reduced final cost to the customer.


LED illumination is available on the handrail, top cap or even in the SHOE™ base. Lighting the SHOE™ base or top cap provides a glow to a glass panel. This glow becomes even more dramatic with an etched pattern or logo which catches the emitted light.

Born on January 9 in Mumbai, India, Farrah originally began her studies in sociology at St. Xavier’s College. During her college years, seeing Thriller broadcast on TV inspired her to become a dancer.  She has since become a Tony Award nominee for the best choreographer, acted in several Bollywood films, directed and hosted numerous television shows. She is currently running a production company with her husband, Shirish, named “Three’s Company” in honor of their triplets.  Farah recently updated her residence and chose the SHOE™ aluminum glass balcony railing system provided by VIVA RAILINGS.

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