Michael Jordan Steakhouse – Chicago


iRAIL™ – LED illuminated Railing is a lighted version of our 1.5” dia. rail. iRAIL uses an ADA compliant roll-formed (monolithic) slotted rail, that houses a high performance LED assembly.

VIVA iRAIL™ Illuminated Railing uses a specially designed LED that can provide full-length coverage of illumination for whatever your rail run may be, compared to the traditional LED assemblies that were only available in preset section lengths. Lighting is available in warm white or cool white intensity.

LED (light-emitting diode) provides a sustainable and GREEN alternative to conventional lighting methods, due to its high service life, high lighting intensity, and low power consumption. iRAIL™ LED uses low voltage DC power supply that can be hidden within the structure yet remain easy to access for any repairs or changes that may occur.


Use with any of our systems for the handrail, top rail, free-standing rail or wall rail applications.  iRAIL provides the safest alternative to lighting dark stairwells and walkways.  Rather than housing one bright light, the illumination is carried throughout the entirety of the rail, creating a safe walkway for late at night areas.

Owned by basketball superstar, Michael Jordan, the steakhouse in Chicago, Illinois features some of the best steaks Chicago has to offer.  It’s not just dining, you can sit at Table 23, Michael’s personal table when he’s not there or eat as Mike does before every game! Proarc and Oomo Studios chose VIVA railings & the SHOE™ system for the entrance to the world-renowned restaurant.

SHOE™ Glass Railing System is a structural glass balustrade system with a patented compression set aluminum base shoe system. SHOE™ Glass Railing is a great choice for commercial interior or exterior, balcony railing or stair railing applications. This architectural aluminum railing solution provides fall protection barrier without obstruction to view or an unsightly barrier.  SHOE comes in four colors and it can also be molded and curved to fit your unique floor plans.

iRAIL, SHOE, Shoe Glass