San Diego International Airport Consolodated Car Rental Facility

General Contractor: Built Pacific, Inc | Architect: Demattei Wong CA


BLADE™ Stainless Steel Cutting Edge Glass Railing system is an ultra contemporary design with minimum obstruction to the line of sight. The post designed with two 2” wide vertical bars, with a cube cap at top and barrel bolts at the bottom. Solid stainless steel railings system with a feel of the in-fill panels suspended in air! This modern handrail design is available in powder coated colors or E-Colored Metallic Stainless Steel Coating and with an option for LED illuminated rail.  BLADE stainless steel railing is a system is available in top or fascia mount for guardrail and stair railing application on interior and exterior.  Available in glass, perforated metal, wire mesh, vertical picket, multi-line and cable infill.  BLADE Stainless Steel Glass Railing system is one of our bestsellers and a perfect match for the modern designs of 21st-century projects. BLADE Railing system is a pre-engineered railing system meeting  ASTM935 & 985 and I.B.C. 2006 standards.


The Consolidated Rental Car Center at the San Diego Airport features multiple floors of businesses from Enterprise to Avis.  To enhance the newly designed architecture Austin Sundt & Demattei Wong CA chose VIVA Railings and the BLADE™ stainless steel railing system on all the floors and stairwells.


“Safety by Choice” is just one of the many reasons Austin Sundt has been such a successful construction company.  They not only emphasize the how to be safe but the why they need and want to stay safe for their families, environment, and the community.   With the latest technologies, numerous awards and the knowledge and service to get the job done, Austin Sundt has become one of the leading companies in the construction industry.

Demattei Wong Architects are all about people.  It’s not about projects big or small, it’s about the environment that people want to enhance and build upon.  Interesting ideas diverse cultures and different personalities all are what shape the projects at hand.

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