University of North Texas Business Leadership Building

General Contractor: Hunt Construction | Architect: Jacobs


Project architect Jacobs had a specific design in mind for their feature exterior stair and wanted a custom modular wire mesh railing system in bar stock framing and posts. The design needed the railing posts to be leaning at a certain angle with the framed wire mesh infill panels following the same angle. The concrete stair that this railing was on was a moving target due to dimension and layout changes from the original design. With some long hours of field measurements, we were able to make the architect’s vision come true boasting four systems on one stair!

The Wire Mesh infill features an organic, interwoven fabric as an infill. Wire Mesh infills are timeless and easy to maintain. The signature box frame completes the system for a clean, sharp look.  Available in a wide range of standard designs, with always an option of custom design and materials.

VIVA Railings furnished and installed several thousand feet of VIEW and SHOE Railing system for UNT Business Leadership Building, designed by Jacobs and General Contractor HUNT Group.