Texas Christian University Instructional Building

viva-railings-tcu-instructional-blade-wire-mesh contemporary wire mesh railing blade


BLADE™ Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Railing System is an ultra contemporary design with minimum obstruction to the line of sight. The post designed with two 2” wide vertical bars, with a cube cap at top and barrel bolts at the bottom. Our best seller is a solid system with a feel of the in-fill panels suspended in air!  The BLADE™ Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Railing System is great for ultra contemporary architecture to make a bold, contrasting statement.  BLADE™ can also be Powder Coated or ECM Coated to add an extra level of durability and a pop of color that can even be custom matched to suit your needs.  The new instructional building at TCU features our BLADE™ Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Railing System.



Located in Ft. Worth, Texas Christian University currently houses over 10,000 students and the freshman to sophomore retention is nearly 90%.  With such a huge success rate, TCU recently underwent several upgrades, one of which included Lupton Stadium and the newly constructed Instructional Building.  Featuring both our TEE™ Railing System on the balcony at Lupton, and the BLADE™ Wire Mesh Railing System, the new instructional building is the central home for any technical support students and staff may require.


Linebeck Group has been in the construction business for over 70 years.  With a family legacy beginning with Leo Linbeck and currently his grandson, Leo Linbeck III, a continuing dedication to excellence is just one of the reasons Linbeck is of the top firms in Texas.

From architecture to interior design, Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford has been at the forefront of design for over five decades.  Since its founding, the firm has nearly doubled in size and is one of the largest independent full-service firms in DFW.

Some of our largest jobs that also feature BLADE™ is the San Diego Car Rental Facility and the Wexford 90 Building.

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