Pittsburgh State University Performing Arts Center

General Contractor: Crossland Construction | Architect: William Rawn Associates
free standing posts


VIEW ceramic frit button railing system is one of the best sellers, adorning guardrail and stair railing applications for various prestigious projects around the country. VIEW™ point-supported glass decorative railing provides a refreshing modern look to any project. The railing design is such that it’s more of a complement to the building design rather than an eyesore barrier.VIVA uses adjustable stand-off sometimes also referred to as buttons, this comes in very handy when the steel or concrete structure is not level or plumb.  From a structural standpoint, glass is acting as a balustrade or a load bearing member.  This point-supported, ceramic frit button glass railing system meets all IBC code requirements and can be used with a single line free standing railing (see VIVA FSR railing system) system to meet ADA code. The VIVA iRAIL illuminated LED rail is a great add-on application for a sleek, modern look.


Free Standing Rails and posts both are available in 1.5” dia. stainless steel railing SS304 and SS316 alloys. iRail (LED illuminated rail) option is also available for FSR. FSR post can be core mount, top flange mount, welded to steel or weld to concrete embed. Typical applications include stadium railingstair railing, ramps, handrails and building entrance ramps.


Pittsburg State University is one of the most comprehensive universities.  With a student-teacher ratio of only 19:1, PSU prides itself on hospitality and education. Student life is a huge part of their education and with over 150 clubs and events, it’s easy to become involved in all aspects of PSU life.  The VIEW and FSR by VIVA Railings were chosen by Crossland Construction and William Rawn Associates to upgrade the Fine Arts Center.


Crossland Construction begins the construction process even before a single hammer gets picked up.  Combined with engineers, design firms, and architects, Crossland begins by doing several steps beginning with analysis, scheduling, recommendations, and meetings with everyone involved.

William Rawn Associates specializes in city buildings that reflect large-scale public landscape.  Associates are not just designers, they are a part of the community and actively engage in what goes on around the city to best reflect what it has to offer.

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