UT Austin Moody College Skybridge

ut-austin-moody-college-skybridge-circa-cable-railing cable railings circa UT MOODY COLLEGE SKYBRIDGE CIRCA CABLE IRAIL LED (6 of 33)


CIRCA™ stainless steel cable railings are comprised of round tubular post, a simple yet highly desired look. This system allows for a wide choice of infill options of Glass, Metal Panels, Cable, Multi-line & Pickets. Railing infill between the posts is mounted via fixed point holders for mounting of glass or any other in-fill of your choice.  LED illuminated railing is an available option for either the Handrail or Guardrail, this lighted rail is available in a further choice of medium or high intensity LED illuminated railing and warm or cool white.  Adding lighting that carries throughout the entirety of the rail rather than one spotlight provides maximum safety levels for everyone that walks along the bridge late at night.


Over 50,000 students call the University of Texas-Austin home.  UT Austin recently added a 300′ bridge that connects the recently renovated Bello Center and the Moody College of Communication.  Both of these buildings go hand in hand with journalism and photography connected by the new Moody Pedestrian Skybridge that resides over W. Dean Keeton Street.  The generous donation from the Moody Foundation of Galveston helped make this reality, which is how the Moody College received its name.  VIVA was chosen by Flintco Construction & Lawrence Group Architects to bring this bridge to life with our CIRCA™ stainless steel cable railings and the LED illuminated iRAIL.


Flintco has been in the contractor business for over a century. They were founded by a Native American family and still continue that tradition to this day, building over 65 long-term relationships with Indian Nations.   Since their first job at the Redbird Smith Health Center, Flintco has become one of the top awards winning companies to date.

With clients and context being the main important elements that make Lawrence Architecture so successful, it’s no wonder they have become such an award-winning architect firm.  Specializing in institutional projects, Lawrence was the perfect choice for UT Austin.

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