University of North Texas Business Leadership Building – SHOE™

General Contractor: Hunt Construction | Architect: Jacobs


SHOE™ Aluminum Glass Balcony Railing System (Patented) is a structural glass railing system, comprised of a base shoe and an all-glass structure giving 100% clarity.  The system is a DrySet (Patented) mount, reducing installation costs by more than 50%, eliminating mess caused by cement or grouted systems.  Maintenance costs are also reduced significantly due to the ease of replacement of glass panels or any reconfiguration.

LED illumination is available on the handrail, top cap or even in the SHOE™ base. Lighting the SHOE™ base or top cap provides a glow to a glass panel. This glow becomes even more dramatic with an etched pattern or logo which catches the emitted light.

SHOE™ Aluminum Balcony Glass Railing System is a structural glass balustrade system with a patented compression set aluminum base shoe system.

SHOE™ Glass Railing is a great choice for commercial interior or exterior, balcony railing or stair railing applications. This architectural railing solution provides fall protection barrier without obstruction to view or an unsightly barrier.

SHOE™ Aluminum Balcony Glass Railing can be either top or fascia mounted. It is available with a glass bracket mounted handrail, round top cap or a U-channel top cap. Base shoe is available in stainless steel or an anodized aluminum cladding.


The UNT Business Leadership Building began as three separate buildings and the school decided to bring together the over 7500 students into what you see today.  With well over 100,000 square feet of space, there’s no question that students and faculty alike will like to view the new building in its entirety.  Hunt Construction and Jacobs Architects chose the VIVA SHOE system for the clearest view.

Hunt Construction thrives on an active dedication to their client’s needs and design ideas.  Created by Hunt, Huber, and Nichols back in the 1940s, Hunt believes that the right people bring the right results.

Jacobs Architects is located in the heart of downtown Dallas and has a passion for bringing buildings to life.

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