Colored Interlayer Glass

A leap towards the future of colored glass.


At VIVA Railings we strive to enhance the opulence of your glass railings with our leading-edge colored interlayer glass technology.


Laminated glass is the go-to product for many applications to meet requirements like privacy, partitions, acoustic, aesthetic, blast-mitigation, safety, and protection. Tempered with the intention of utmost safety, the interlayer in our laminated glass offers 100 times the tear strength and rigidity of a conventional PVB interlayer.


  • CIG 01 - MED BLUE

  • CIG 02 - PINK

  • CIG 03 - RED

  • CIG 04 - BERRY

  • CIG 05 - GRAPE

  • CIG 06 - BLEU

  • CIG 07 - DRY GRASS

  • CIG 08 - GREY

  • CIG 09 - CEMENT

Welcome to the next generation of glass railings.


In an endeavor to deliver avant-garde technology to our clients, we decided to add a twist to our glass railings and take it up a notch higher. At VIVA Railings we provide an interlayer system made of a range of colors, shades, and white interlayers, combined to achieve varying layers of translucency and tones. Supplied in the form of rolls or sheets these interlayers are available in a multitude of tints to elevate your design to the next level of transparency.

colored glass railing

What is the Interlayer?


Interlayers are used to permanently combine two plies of glass together. It is a PVB (Plasticised Polyvinyl Butyral) film that bonds with glass under heat and pressure to form a laminated configuration. An interlayer sandwiched between the layers of glass is responsible for the enhanced performance and properties of laminated glass. Crafted using ionoplast polymer technology, the interlayer acts as a strengthening layer with utmost clarity and durability, breaking myths about glass being a fragile material. 


Why do your glass railings call for color?


Parallel to functionality, the rise in aesthetic appeal has taken over the design scene. It is an era of people who revel in being house-proud, perform with workplace pride, and create a concrete culture.

  • Since the interlayer is available in distinct tones, we have evolved the ability to create gradients and hues with multiple shades. These colored interlayers can be used for decorative glass panes, facades, and railings. 
  • A single color can be chosen or the base interlayers can be stacked to provide a specific color and opacity.
  • Our UltraClear films exhibit the lowest Yellowness Index (YID) in the industry.
  • These colored PVB interlayers are instrumental in creating levels of translucent interlayers for a cloudy, dreamy, or artistic effect.
  • For a completely opaque glass finish, colored interlayers can also be mixed with two opaque interlayers of black or white so that no light or vision can penetrate through the glass panel, blocking up to 99% of UV light, thus helping retain color fading and the deterioration of fabrics and furnishings in the interiors.

Since glass is always here to stay, at VIVA we encourage our customers to incorporate materials that are in vogue to elevate your design.

You can now truly look at the world through rose-colored glass.


An architect’s dream come true, not only can one choose from a range of 100 shades, but can also combine two tones to form a fresh tint altogether. 

  • With the widest product portfolio in the market of railings, Viva now includes a range of trending colors that are unparalleled in their brilliance.
  • We offer films from pastel and vibrant effects, from decorative glazing to quirky railings. These distinctive hues can take the project’s visual appeal from a subtle start to a dramatic impact.
  • The long-lasting adhesion of the interlayer is the key to long-term stability, liquid resistance, and fade-free ability.
  • Just a single film between the glass plies is enough for a dynamic result with extreme richness in color. It is the designer’s playground, as one can also combine films together to have twice the intensity, showcasing a richer railing with higher color contrast.

If a design needs a frosted look, a translucent color can be created by adding one of the white interlayers to the colored film.


Swipe right for the best match!


Choose among an array of endless design possibilities at the swipe of a film, as these interlayers can be crafted with tinted or reflective glass, allowing the designer to experiment through a range of expressive and eclectic combinations. Match the theme of your interiors, making it an integral part of the design, transforming your living and work spaces!


We offer a huge diversity of possible ways to design your dream glass railing system with a hint of the right hue. Whether you’re climbing up the steps of a Corinthian banquet hall or hurrying down the steps of a bank at Wall Street, these colored glass railings are sure to make you turn for a second look.


What about the sun in the long run?


Perfect for indoors and outdoors, the interlayer is not affected due to an increase in lux levels/ luminosity. In fact, colored PVB interlayers within a glass unit increase the strength and security of the glass and reduce the amount of UV radiation that can penetrate through the glass elevation. The interlayer colorants are made of highly resilient pigments.


These are designed to provide years of color durability, even when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Apart from stealing the attention of onlookers and users, the sandwiched interlayer will never fade, peel or wither due to prolonged exposure to the sun.


Glass holds the power of reflectance, translucency, opacity, and texture that influences your architectural and interior design in myriad ways. When created with the right tone of interlayers, suiting your space, the results can be stunning while it’s sure to brighten your day.


Find your match of the perfect glass balustrade at VIVA Railings, for the future, is beyond transparency.